Get Represented By A Buyers Broker

Why retain a buyers broker

• There is no cost to the buyer because the seller pays the compensation

• A listing broker will have his client's best interest, a BUYERS BROKER will have your best interest. 

• A buyer’s broker will save you time and effort by helping hire surveyors, arranging haul-outs and scheduling sea trials.

• A superior buyer's broker protects his client's investment and emotion

Buy with confidence

Protect yourself from the pitfalls of buying a yacht by getting represented with a experienced Buyers Yacht Broker. Your broker should only have your interest in mind and save you from getting upside down and inside out on this very expensive investment.

Buy any listed yacht

With Sea Yachts as your buyers brokers you will be represented by a tenure Captain that is a professional Broker. We can co-broker and preview any listed yacht saving you time and money.  The key is not to waste time with the large brokerage houses were your priories can get overshadowed by corporate decisions and profit, we are independent and only represent you.

We are all USCG Captains

We are much more than just yacht Brokers,  we only have qualified Yacht Captains with lots of sea time who can educate the new owner on the yachts complex system and how they work. A huge advantage because we can instruct the new owner on close quarter maneuverability and navigation until they are comfortable with the purchase. We can interview filter and recruit crew. Our policy is, If your broker can not navigate and dock the vessel he shouldn't be selling it.

Building relationships

Using Sea Yachts as your buyer broker we like to think of the experience for the buyer as shopping for your dream boat with a maritime knowledgeable friend always having the ability to call them any time for help and advice before and after the sale.