You did your job and found a boat, now let Boat Closers handle the technical stuff and close the deal.


Boat closers realizes that buying a valuable boat with out help can take a lot of time and effort, it can be emotional and there are many pit falls. The solution is to use Boat Closers to aid in the recording of the sale and coordinate with the service providers to to get it bought and shipped home using one central service.


The best way to make an offer is to back it up with a refundable deposit held in boat closers escrow. Then the offer will be supported with a signed purchase agreement to follow. This will let the seller know you are serious buyer. The fact is sellers are bombarded with low ball offers, scammers, brokers promising to sell the boat and non supported offers.


This will ease tensions and anxiety of handing over thousands of dollars with out the security of using an escrow service and producing proper documentation and ownership verification.