We coordinate the deal by recommending the necessary services

We stay in contact

We keep the deal moving by providing files and documents needed to coordinate and close with each service provider. 

With access to over one-hundred specialized documents, Boat Closers can help close the deal for any situation including brokerage deals and international sales.  To help save time, completing one form with your information can be populated across the various service providers platforms for all forms required in the closing process.

Referal services

Financing Services

Boat Closer can provide you with specialized financing for your boat and coordinate with your agent to close fast.

Documentation Services

Have your boat documented, registered, record preferred ships mortgage and much more

Survey recommendations

Receive surveyor recommendations upload your survey and get experienced feedback for the findings.

Transportation Services

Worldwide shipping arranged by land or sea.

Insurance services

Receive quick quotes with boat closers insurance affiliates 

Closing services

Boat Closers program will provide the services to buy and sell boats safely and effectively