Yacht Brokerage

We are a professional, trusted, licensed, and bonded Florida yacht brokerage with 20 plus years in the marine industry.  Sea Yachts is a independent yacht brokerage and remains flexible to service its clients needs first and foremost.


Boat Closers is a boat buying and selling service that coordinates and documents the sale of private marine vessels with out the tradition ten percent brokerage fees. This evolution gives  buyers and sellers  the confidence to make and receive real offers with a safe and efficient transactional process. all backed with a state certified escrow account.


Sea Yachts is a full service yacht brokerage that can manage all aspects of ownership and give you our expertise so you will stay on course.  A dedicated Captain will navigate you through the hazards of yacht ownership, bringing years of experience and connections to the table.

Sea Investments

Sea Investments is a partnership that combines the expertise of buying and re-selling yachts with capital investors.  Sea Yachts also partners with individuals to recondition there vessel to make the vessel more desirable and sellable.

Buy with an Independent buyers broker

Why choose an independent yacht buyers broker?

A listing broker will have his client's best interest, a BUYERS BROKER will have your best interest.

Get to the lifestyle you are dreaming about

Do you want to enjoy the lifestyle but do not know how to start.

Consult with Sea Yachts to see the best routes to to navigate. We will recommend destinations and best vessels to get you there.

Sell or Buy safely and without a broker

Is there a way to buy and sell boats without a traditional broker?

Yes the solution is called boat closers. You find the boat, we provide the services to close the deal.