Yacht Brokerage

We are a highly regarded, reputable, and fully accredited Florida yacht brokerage with over two decades of experience in the marine industry. Sea Yachts prides itself on being an independent brokerage that prioritizes the needs of its clients above all else, ensuring unparalleled flexibility in providing exceptional service.


Boat Closers revolutionizes the boat buying and selling process by offering a comprehensive service that facilitates the coordination and documentation of private marine vessel sales, all without the burden of traditional ten percent brokerage fees. This innovative approach empowers both buyers and sellers to confidently engage in real offers, backed by a secure and efficient transactional process. Additionally, Boat Closers provides peace of mind through the utilization of a state-certified escrow account.


. Sea Yachts offers comprehensive services as a full-service yacht brokerage, ensuring that all aspects of yacht ownership are professionally managed with our expertise. We are committed to keeping you on course and providing the necessary guidance throughout your ownership journey. Our dedicated Captain, equipped with years of experience and a vast network of connections, will expertly navigate you through the potential hazards of yacht ownership, ensuring a smooth and successful experience.

Sea Investments

Sea Investments is a partnership that combines the expertise of buying and re-selling yachts with capital investors. Sea Yachts also collaborates with individuals to enhance and revitalize their vessels, making them more desirable and sellable.

Buy with an Independent buyers broker

If you're considering purchasing a yacht, click here to discover the advantages of choosing an independent yacht buyers broker. With a focus on your best interests, unbiased advice, extensive market knowledge, negotiation expertise, access to a wide network, and personalized service, an independent buyers broker is your trusted partner in finding the perfect yacht. Click here to learn more and embark on an exceptional yacht buying experience.

Get to the lifestyle you are dreaming about

Welcome to Sea Yachts! Are you eager to embark on the exciting yachting lifestyle but unsure where to begin? Click here to consult with us and discover the best routes to navigate. Our team of experts will recommend breathtaking destinations and guide you to the perfect vessel that will take you there. Start your yachting journey with confidence by clicking here and let Sea Yachts be your trusted companion along the way.

Sell or Buy safely and without a broker

Boat Closers provides a solution that allows you to buy and sell boats without a traditional broker. We offer the services needed to close the deal, empowering you to find the boat of your choice and successfully navigate the transaction.