If you have received low ball offers, weird proposals, offers with out even seeing the condition of the boat, you know how hard it is to qualify a real buyer. With the ever changing internet, any one can contact you about your boat. This is were Boat closers can give you the ability to call there bluff. Just let them know they will be contacted by Boat closers and we will do the rest. 

Verbal offer

Lets say you meet with the potential buyer and they make you a verble offer on the spot you may negoitiate with them but when you come to an agrement direct them to boat closers to make it legit. A purchase agrement and deposit will be put in place for them to proceed so they may perform there due dilegence and for you to comfortably take it off the maket until the terms are met.

Boat closers provides many services through our network all while documenting the sale and giving reassurance to both party's

Filter offers

When a buyer gives you an offer , you may refer them and boat closers then we will send them a purchase agreement and request a deposit. We will work closely with the buyer to keep the deal moving. We can offer many services to close the deal from financing to survey.


There are many diffrent selling scenarios and yacht brokers play an important role in getting deals done the right way, but sometimes sellers dont need all the services of a yacht broker and can handle the marketing and meetings on there own. Saving on huge comisions that are usually industry standard ten percent. When you do your own marketing, and setting showings you also increase the flexiblity of your price becuase your not paying comision giving you an edge to sell quicker.