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Sea Yachts

Specializes in the complete yacht purchase from conception, through negotiations, to finalizing the closing documentation. What sets this boutique brokerage apart from the rest is the ability to offer complementary vessel instructions on all mechanical systems and vessel handling such as docking, and navigating. We will get you comfortable with the vessel. Sea Yachts commitment does not end after the client takes delivery, full assistance is offered after the sale by providing management, maintenance, personal captain services, exportation, vessel repositioning, and much more.


  • "Captain Gary has been instrumental in owning our yacht. He has been there for us. He helped with all aspects after we closed on the boat."

  • Garry found, closed and shipped our boat. He corrdinated everything to the finest details. We will use him when agian we are ready to move up.

Sea Yachts is a Yacht Representation Specialist

It's important to remember that the broker in a typical sale is getting paid by and working only for the seller, not the buyer. A broker will try to get the highest possible price (that's what his commission is paid from) and will try to sell his client's boat even if it's not necessarily the best deal for you. You're on your own with negotiations and paperwork advice. You can, however, enter into an agreement with a broker through a buyer's broker arrangement. A buyer's broker will represent you, not the seller. Once they know what you're looking for, they can scour their sources and suggest likely boats for you to view, assist in negotiating a price, and help with the paperwork. Typically, a buyer's broker gets a commission split from the seller's broker so there's no cost to you, but read the agreement before signing.

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Yacht Sales


We are a professional, trusted, licenced, and bonded Florida yacht brokerage ready to research, negotiate and deliver your yacht.



Captain Garry from Sea Yachts a former delivery and personal Captain will always be available to perform sea trials, relocations, instructions, and personal Captain services for his clients. With a vast amount of seatime and deliveries of many diffrent vessels, you will be informed from real expierance during and after the sale. Additionaly, Sea Yachts can provide Captain services after a sale for all your needs.



With the experience as freelance Captains we have loaded and unloaded many boats from ships and trucks. We are well versed in the exportation process and have shipped worldwide. Together our team can give you quotes for the most competitive rates and logistics. The best part of using us is that there is never a Captains fee for loading and staging the vessel we are there to manage every aspect of the shipment. 

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